Spirit level


Not all the threats you’ll face are cor­po­real – a few stops are quite lit­er­ally ghost towns. Board­ing up doors and win­dows is a waste of time when the en­e­mies are com­ing through the walls, but for­tu­nately there’s an­other way to deal with them. “You can get hold of dif­fer­ent kinds of chalk and they have dif­fer­ent ef­fects – and they’re all Cthul­huthemed,” Black­ney ex­plains. That isn’t to say that the re­sults will al­ways be ben­e­fi­cial – Black­ney has taken cues from the first Rogue­like he played, Sega’s ToeJam & Earl, where open­ing presents pro­duced un­pre­dictable re­sults un­til you’d iden­ti­fied them. “Th­ese chalky sub­stances can cre­ate tele­por­ta­tion por­tals or bar­ri­ers that stop ghosts from get­ting through,” he grins. “They can also open up a por­tal to hell and a crea­ture will crawl out.”

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