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Devil May Cry 5’

s story is set to pick up where the fourth ti­tle left off. Nero is just one of the three char­ac­ters you’ll play as (Dante be­ing the sec­ond, the third un­con­firmed). Nero has set up a new de­mon-hunt­ing agency out of his van, work­ing along­side bril­liant en­gi­neer Nico, the brains be­hind his elab­o­rate new Devil Breaker arm. He’s out to get re­venge on the per­son who ne­ces­si­tated his new limb – his Devil Bringer was ripped from him by a cloaked fig­ure. By the looks of it, it’s al­most cer­tainly Vergil (now con­firmed to be Nero’s fa­ther, by the way: ouch). This raises a cou­ple of pos­si­bil­i­ties, in our mind: that Vergil could be the third playable char­ac­ter, and that Devil May

Cry 5’ s story could well be slightly more co­her­ent than usual.

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