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Stream­ing can be as much about how you look as what you play – the se­cret to Ninja’s me­te­oric rise, af­ter all, was dump­ing a box of Sch­warzkopf Elec­tric Blue on his bar­net, and prob­a­bly noth­ing to do with what­ever indie shooter he hap­pened to be play­ing. To that end, Razer has cre­ated the Ifrit, a dis­creet headset that wraps around the back of your head in­stead of squash­ing your care­fully coiffed hairdo. Its light­weight de­sign keeps things comfy dur­ing long ses­sions, while an ad­justable con­denser mic re­duces back­ground noise. At £75, it’s a high price to pay for what is es­sen­tially a glo­ri­fied call cen­tre ac­ces­sory – but should in­ter­est in, er, blue hair wane, at least it’s it s a mul­ti­func­tional in­vest­ment.

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