Dead reck­on­ing


Amid all the talk of

Dy­ing Light 2’ s fac­tion ri­val­ries it’s easy to for­get about the zom­bies, who now slum­ber in­doors at day and roam the city by night. Their nests of­ten con­tain rarer va­ri­eties of loot, so you may wish to visit af­ter the sun goes down. Tech­land won’t budge on ad­di­tional de­tails just yet, as it wants to keep the fo­cus on the so­cial sand­box and zom­bies, nat­u­rally, don’t make for ex­cit­ing in­ter­per­sonal re­la­tion­ships. Smek­tala prom­ises, how­ever, that the game will still con­tain plenty of hor­ror. Zom­bies are faster and more ag­gres­sive this time once roused. Thank­fully, you can use UV lights to keep them at bay, though ac­cess to those lights may de­pend on who you’re friends with.

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