Odyssey is the first As­sas­sin’s Creed to let you se­duce and sleep with NPCs, but don’t ex­pect any­thing ei­ther as tor­rid or sen­ti­men­tal as in Mass Ef­fect or Dragon Age. Mostly, the prospect is played for laughs, and while you can take cer­tain part­ners with you on your voy­ages (as lieu­tenants aboard your ship, per­haps), there’s no real on­go­ing re­la­tion­ship to man­age. Among the el­i­gi­ble sorts you’ll en­counter (as ei­ther gen­der) are a hir­sute healer who’ll ask you to mur­der his grand­mother be­fore fall­ing in to your arms, and an en­er­getic old lady whose hus­band is strug­gling to keep up with her ap­petites. The sex it­self is deco­rously han­dled – think dis­creet fades to black, rather than Mass Ef­fect’s vein of sham­poo-com­mer­cial soft­core.

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