The game may be swim­ming in sys­tems, but it’s up to you how much you en­gage with them. You can use pelts and hides to craft big­ger satchels, yes, but it’s a lux­ury rather than a ne­ces­sity. You can craft more pow­er­ful ammo types at camp­fires, and im­prove weaponry at gun­smiths, but the car­bine you found a cou­ple of hours into the game will carry you all the way to the end. And the essentials hap­pen nat­u­rally, with core stats for Mor­gan and his horse im­prov­ing through reg­u­lar use. We ex­pect some of these sys­tems to come into their own in Red Dead On­line – in­deed, a few feel de­signed for it, with some of the cus­tomi­sa­tion op­tions feel­ing a lit­tle silly. Did they re­ally have horse dread­locks in the late 1800s?

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