The story picks up a few years af­ter the events of DevilMayCry

4, by which point Nero has set up his own de­mon-hunt­ing Devil May Cry busi­ness. It op­er­ates out of the back of a tran­sit van (“The DMC Mo­torhome, as we’ve been call­ing it,” DMC5 pro­ducer Matt Walker says) which has handy game­play con­no­ta­tions: NPC ally Nico will drive up and al­low Nero to tinker with his load­out at cer­tain points in the lev­els. While our Nero demo riffs heav­ily on Norse mythol­ogy through nods to Nid­dhog and Yg­gdrasil, the game will as ever draw upon a plethora of sources for its bes­tiary, though The Di­vine Com­edy re­mains the cen­tral touch­stone. While DMC4 in­sisted play­ers use Nero for more than half the game be­fore Dante showed up, here the cen­tral cast as­sem­bles much more quickly. In some mis­sions, you’ll have no choice over which char­ac­ter to use, but in oth­ers you’ll be able to choose be­tween two of them, or all three. Mul­ti­player func­tion­al­ity, seem­ingly re­vealed in a PlayS­ta­tion Store list­ing, has yet to be of­fi­cially con­firmed.

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