Void Bas­tards

De­vel­oper/ pub­lisher Blue Manchu For­mat PC, Xbox One Ori­gin Aus­tralia, UK, US Re­lease 2019


PC, Xbox One

A change of pace for the stu­dio be­hind Card Hunter, Void Bas­tards is pitched as a kind of first­per­son XCOM, with el­e­ments of Heat Sig­na­ture and The Swin­dle. Choos­ing your squad from an ap­par­ently end­less sup­ply of space con­victs, your job is to scav­enge and steal from a suc­ces­sion of space­craft. It’s strat­egy with a dash of spon­tane­ity, then: a top-down map lets you plan your route to the loot, while you adapt to haz­ards and en­e­mies on the fly, with the help of craftable weapons in­clud­ing a re­mote det­o­nat­ing cat-bot. With a bright comic-book aes­thetic, it looks fan­tas­tic, too.

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