The 2016 Hit­man en­joyed a pro­longed lifes­pan after re­lease thanks to Elu­sive Tar­gets, and the time-sen­si­tive mis­sions re­turn here. The first of the bunch, The Undy­ing, stars Sean Bean as the tar­get, rep­re­sent­ing a strate­gic shift in mar­ket­ing be­tween the two games and a re­as­sur­ingly straight tra­jec­tory to Bean’s stock-in-trade role as the man who gets killed. The sim­i­lar­ity to Hit­man 2016 runs deeper than Elu­sive Tar­gets, though: all the mis­sions and lev­els from that re­lease are avail­able in this game, ready to be re-re­played. It re­in­forces Hit­man 2’ s sta­tus as a qua­sise­quel, the kind of re­lease that might have been called a mis­sion back in the olden days, al­beit with a mod­ern pric­ing strat­egy: give the old game away for free with the new.

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