Robotic de­liv­ery


Nabeshima may have spent his time at FromSoft­ware work­ing on Ar­mored Core rather than Dark

Souls, but it’s clear that the stu­dio’s way of mak­ing games has in­formed Left Alive. “FromSoft is re­ally about peo­ple want­ing to make some­thing that they them­selves find ex­cit­ing,” he says. “Hide­taka Miyazaki once said to me that From is not the kind of com­pany that can make some­thing like

Su­per Mario, that every­one can en­joy. In­stead they try to make things that a spe­cific group of peo­ple can en­joy a lot. I’ve car­ried some of that over to Left

Alive. There are things in there that don’t have a mass ap­peal: it’s a dark story, and there are el­e­ments, like ro­bots, that not a huge num­ber of peo­ple like. I’d re­ally like to make a game that ap­peals to peo­ple who do find that kind of thing in­ter­est­ing, and re­ally do it for them.”

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