Game com­men­tary in snack-sized mouth­fuls, fea­tur­ing Ha­jime Ta­bata

Game com­men­tary in snack-sized mouth­fuls “You have been train­ing for years and years to be where you are. Along the way, you have prob­a­bly had to ex­plain your­selves more than once, con­vinc­ing peo­ple that you are not wast­ing your time.” Lars Løkke Ras­mussen, PM of Den­mark, is talk­ing ei­ther about es­ports or mak­ing a mag­a­zine about videogames “I have a project that I truly wish to so­lid­ify as my next chal­lenge. I have de­cided to leave my cur­rent po­si­tion and start my own busi­ness in or­der to achieve my goal.” Fi­nal Fan­tasy XV di­rec­tor Ha­jime Ta­bata quits Square Enix to make a game that’s ac­tu­ally fin­ish­able “We be­gan our smart-de­vice busi­ness as a way to get our char­ac­ters and games into the hands of a larger au­di­ence, given that smart de­vices have be­come preva­lent in a way that ded­i­cated plat­forms sim­ply can­not match.” New Nin­tendo pres­i­dent Shuntaro Fu­rukawa shows Bliz­zard how to prop­erly de­fend putting your big­gest names on the App Store “They love what they love and want what they want. That pas­sion, it’s ac­tu­ally what drives us, and we feel it too.” Bliz­zard’s Allen Ad­ham puts a pos­i­tive spin on the mis­er­able re­cep­tion af­forded to Di­ablo Im­mor­tal

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