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Big Hero 6’s San Fran­sokyo is a great fit for King­dom Hearts III: its fu­sion of old and new, as well as east and west, a poetic sum­ma­tion of the game as a whole. Yet again, this world pro­vided an op­por­tu­nity to ex­er­cise some cre­ative li­cence with minigames and me­chan­ics ex­clu­sive to that world. “Hiro is an in­ven­tor, so we wanted some­thing that was in­vented,” Ya­sue tells us. “So we came up with an aug­mented re­al­ity de­vice that Sora places on as a vi­sor. And us­ing that, we have San Fran­sokyo – but you’re look­ing at it through a sort of AR vi­sor.” While it’s a neat way to in­tro­duce a “mix of tech­nol­ogy”, we can’t help but think it canny: pre­sum­ably Square can get away with more out­landish ad­di­tions if they’re merely pro­jec­tions on a world.

No­mura had his sights set on a Big Hero 6 world as soon as Dis­ney shared early ma­te­ri­als with him. “Big Hero 6’s story is a mov­ing story that in­volves a robot, which is some­thing that re­ally fits well with the King­domHearts world,” he tells us. This man re­ally likes ro­bots

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