Noise so­lu­tion


Au­dio is a cru­cial com­po­nent of most hor­ror games, but

Creaks’ evoca­tive ti­tle prom­ises a lot. “It was the big­gest chal­lenge to find the voice for the dog,” Jurda says. “We took a lot of tries find­ing some­thing that would be be­tween bark­ing and some ob­ject do­ing the sound. I think, in the end, Ma­touš [Godik, sound de­signer] did it on cello some­how.” Scot­tish com­poser Joe Acheson, aka Hid­den Orches­tra, pro­vides the score, and each of the game’s five sec­tions has its own ap­pro­pri­ate mu­si­cal theme. “In the be­gin­ning in the attic, we use per­cus­sion and try to keep it kind of sim­ple, al­most pre­his­toric. Then there is the Li­brar­ian’s world, which is kind of spir­i­tual […] We’re get­ting more and more mod­ern as we de­scend through this house.”

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