With developmen­t on Silksong starting even before the release of Hollow Knight, there’s been very little time for the devs to stop and take stock of things. Does Team Cherry plan to take a break after the release of Silksong? “Well, we have that non-Hollow Knight game that is due to be made,” Gibson says. “It’s been left to lapse, which is just fine. But I think we’re both excited to jump into that.” We’re intrigued: when did developmen­t begin on this? “They’re just documents that get expanded as each new idea comes in,” Gibson says. “So they’re good in a way, because once the document exists, every month or few months, it gets slowly added to in the background.” The new game is currently one shared Google Doc, and will play to their recognised strengths: “Making a game that’s not Hollow Knight, it’s not that different: they’re just, like, big worlds that we can run around in, and meet new characters, and go on adventures. The theme might change slightly in that you don’t have a sword or a needle any more. But beyond that it’s pretty much the same experience. Maybe the characters won’t have as many horns.” Above all, the new game will be “something we get to explore”, Pellen says. Gibson responds: “We could learn to not make [our worlds] so big. I wonder what would happen. I kind of think it’s probably impossible, but we could try.”

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