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If touching things that have been handled by others has made you a bit twitchy over the past 18 months, spare a thought for arcade operators. And then dig a little deeper for the specific part of the industry creating VR-based attraction­s, asking prospectiv­e players to pick up and wear headsets. One such company is Raw Thrills, whose first VR game, King Kong Of Skull Island, addresses players’ concerns head on by including a facemask dispenser within the cabinet. Simply plop one on your face, creating a barrier between you and the headset, and off you go.

Supporting two participan­ts sitting side by side, the game plays out on rails, with preordaine­d routes throwing up an assortment of creatures which can be attacked via hand movements picked up by sensors, eliminatin­g the need for dedicated controller­s. Like its titular star, the game is more about spectacle than finesse, with moving seats adding another layer to the action.

Originally touted in 2019 but delayed by the pandemic, the game should be emerging into the wilds right about now.

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 ??  ?? Game King Kong Of Skull Island Manufactur­er Raw Thrills
Game King Kong Of Skull Island Manufactur­er Raw Thrills

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