Streets Of Rage 4 PC The game that proved there’s life in the scrolling brawler yet gets a paid expansion that makes it even more essential. The highlight of the Mr X Nightmare DLC is a Survival mode that charges you with battling increasing­ly challengin­g waves of enemies, picking up bonuses between rounds that transform the way you play. By the time you hit level ten, you might have weapons that leave toxic pools, electrical­ly charged punches and multiple jumps – letting you cross the arena without ever touching down. Gloriously daft, and all the better for it.

The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Switch This enhanced remaster is arguably the quintessen­tial entry for those who love Zelda’s puzzles more than anything else: several of its dungeons are among the finest in series history, while its smoother performanc­e gives it a perkier pace than the original. Sure, after Breath Of The Wild its old routines feel restrictiv­e, but with rightstick swordplay making for a fine alternativ­e to motion controls and that score as swooningly romantic as ever, it targets both brain and heart with great precision.

Olija PC Should we include a category for Best Videogame Weapon in this year’s Edge awards, Devolver would currently be in competitio­n only with itself. Boomerang X’s cross blade, or Olija’s harpoon? It’s a tight call – both double as deadly ways to puncture foes and thrilling methods of traversal. Let’s call it a draw for now, and hope that the remainder of the publisher’s slate boasts equally inventive arsenals.

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