No Ace Attorney is complete without its prosecutor, and in Barok van Zieks – the Reaper of the Old Bailey – Great Ace Attorney hits a sweet spot missing since Edgeworth and Godot. He’s almost a hybrid of the two, his cravat and contempt channellin­g the snarl of the former, while the latter’s coffee-swilling rumination­s echo in Van Zieks’ love of a good wine – and tortured metaphors about vintages to go with it. His xenophobia towards Naruhodo threatens to turn the banter ugly, but it also makes his losses all the more satisfying and sets him up for a stronger journey in the second game. As is tradition, the ancestor of hapless Winston Payne also puts in his obligatory tutorial appearance, setting in motion the feud that will send ripples through the family’s haircuts for centuries.

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