Some quest-givers you meet play a larger role in Sable’s story, but many of the machinists – the engineers of this world, who rebuild and recycle found equipment – represent one-off encounters. Theirs is one of the more familiar masks, Kythreotis says, “because the technology that people are repurposin­g is so important to the way they live.” There is an unusually deep relationsh­ip between people and tech here, we note. “It’s hard to know if this will come through, but the technology isn’t something that is infinite on this world,” Kythreotis explains. “They’re finding these old scrap ships around the place, and they have to make use of what they have. And because this technology comes from another era to what they’re familiar with, the cultural understand­ing and the cultural connection to it becomes slightly different to [what it would be] if they had engineered it themselves.”

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