Japanese Breakfast’s live performanc­e of Glider at Summer Game Fest put

Sable on a lot of people’s radars, no doubt contributi­ng to the success of the demo – which was being put together as arrangemen­ts for the performanc­e were being made. Kythreotis says Shedworks “can’t claim too much credit” for it, insisting it was all down to Raw Fury (which handled the editing of the footage he and Fineberg had supplied for the event), Game Fest linchpin Geoff Keighley, and, especially, Zauner.

“We gave input and tried to provide guidance for the visuals and the atmosphere. But again, that’s another thing that Michelle just has so much experience in that we could defer a lot to her. And, yeah, the performanc­e was just magical. You know, it’s all her. And the backing screens they had at Summer Game Fest were also really cool: that three-screen [setup] worked really well, because you get these such broad vistas.” Kythreotis notes that he’s since seen a number of people play the demo in a 21:9 aspect ratio; at this rate, Sable could well be responsibl­e for a rise in the sales of ultrawide monitors.

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