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Breath Of The Wild comparison­s, Sable may be a little talkier than you’re expecting – though, as 80

Days writer Meghna Jayanth is behind the script, that’s no bad thing. The focus on player freedom means you’re not forced to engage with the storytelli­ng (Kythreotis admits that two designer friends he showed the game to skipped a lot of the dialogue), but he’s hoping that most players will pay attention to what’s going on; indeed, the early exchanges will probably leave you with mixed emotions about Sable’s Gliding. “The Persona and

Final Fantasy games are really good touchstone­s for us,” he says. “If I think back on my favourite JRPGs [such as] Final Fantasy IX, a lot of the worldbuild­ing comes from just talking to NPCs that you find in cities and things like that. But if you’re a bit less patient, or you just want to ignore that side of it, then you’re free to do so, and you can still enjoy the atmosphere, the visuals, the sense of discovery.”

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