Psychonaut­s 2 PC, Xbox One/Series Would it even be Psychonaut­s without having to wait a little longer than expected? Alas, this arrived just too late to review before its August 25 launch. Still, early impression­s are extremely promising, and barring some sort of 11th-hour disaster, we’ll bring you the Edge verdict next month.

Starfield PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series While not much has been revealed about it, Bethesda’s first new universe in 25 years is a tempting thing in itself. Todd Howard’s called it “Skyrim in space”, but we’re hoping this futuristic open world will be something new – we’ve got enough versions of Skyrim now, really.

Company Of Heroes 3 PC Back after almost a decade away, Relic’s strategy series is taking a trip to the Mediterran­ean. There’s an extra emphasis on verticalit­y, but our ageing brains and digits are more intrigued by the promise of a tactical pause.

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