Costume quest


You can choose Vendetti’s stage outfit but not before visiting Frida’s Closet, around the game’s midway point. “I felt there was so much to say about Francis and to learn who he was,” Galvatron says of this belated character customisat­ion. “And to understand how difficult the change was going to be from what was expected for him, to have that emotional baggage when you change into this new persona.” Once there, you’re rather spoiled for choice: there are secondary and tertiary colour options for most items, with 11 types of sunglasses, eight guitar designs (including obvious Les Paul and Stratocast­er analogues), and nearly 20 different hairstyles. You can lean into grunge, cowboy and punk aesthetics, mix and match, or adopt a more genderflui­d Bowie-like persona. There’s even an Elton John-style jacket with feather epaulettes, if you’re so inclined.

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