Metroid Dread Switch

We keep seeing it described as “the first 2D Metroid in two decades”, which is a stinging indictment of either online game coverage or MercurySte­am’s efforts on Samus Returns. That game’s flaws haven’t lessened our anticipati­on: the arguments over who gets to review it have begun.

Jett: The Far Shore PC, PS4, PS5 Yes, it hasn’t been long since our first contact with this contemplat­ive space adventure, but we’re already aching to return to Superbroth­ers’ alien planet with its beautiful, deadly sunsets – and that majestic Scntfc score. Hey, it’s been a decade, what’s a few more months?

Elden Ring PC, PS4, PS5,

Xbox One, Xbox Series

A certain member of Team Edge says they think about this Miyazaki/Martin collaborat­ion “more often than is healthy”. It can’t possibly under-deliver, can it? Surely not. It’s just inconceiva­ble, right? Yes. Won’t happen. Definitely not. Mmm.

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