Fracked PSVR The blend of shooting, skiing and climbing, all in service of a B-movie narrative, made it look as though Fracked could be VR’s answer to Uncharted. Imagine the disappoint­ment, then, as we put on the headset and are struck with motion sickness so severe we can’t even make it through the game’s three-hour duration. Still, the response from those with stronger stomachs has been positive, so maybe don’t let us put you off taking to the slopes.

Necrobaris­ta Switch A welcome Final Pour for one of our favourite visual novels of recent times. This enhanced Switch edition gives us the perfect excuse for a return visit to the Terminal and spend more time with Maddy, Ashley, Kishan and the gang. And while it’s the supporting cast who are fleshed out in the two extra episodes, the comprehens­ive Studio Mode – which lets you create your own scenes using existing assets – means you can keep the java flowing.

The Ramp PC This minimalist­ic skateboard­ing game from Grizzly Games’ (Islanders) Paul Schnepf is wonderfull­y relaxing. With no scoring, it’s simply about practising tricks as you roll around a halfpipe, a swimming pool and a dinky skate park before leaping off the titular ramp. Controls are straightfo­rward – left analogue for spins, right for tricks, shoulders for grinds – but staying upright is trickier than it looks. No matter: even after a spectacula­r bail, you’re back on the board within moments, ready to go again.

 ??  ?? Explore the iPad edition of Edge for extra Play content
Explore the iPad edition of Edge for extra Play content

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