Bastion’s original conceit was, as audio director Darren Korb once put it, “what if Cormac McCarthy made a fantasy videogame?” The mournful, whiskeyhon­ey tones of Bastion’s narrator Rucks certainly seem like they could have been plucked straight from the author’s bleak yet lyrical descriptio­ns of the American landscape. When McCarthy writes, in his 2006 novel The Road – in which the country has been beset by a terrible cataclysm, leaving few survivors – of “the ashes of the late world”, or the “barren, silent, godless” wasteland, he could just as easily be describing the post-Calamity wreckage surroundin­g the Bastion, what Rucks calls “fragments of the old world”. Blood Meridian, McCarthy’s 1985’s frontier novel, even featured a protagonis­t known simply as “the kid”.

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