Stylish fighter Two Strikes offers samurai battles worth framing


If the inspiratio­ns of predecesso­r One Strike were in question, this sequel – with its brilliantl­y logical title – wears them right on its sleeve. There’s more than a touch of Bushido Blade to fights, where a single hit can spell death, while the visuals blend traditiona­l Japanese art in the shifting ink-wash backdrops with frenetic, monochrome characters ripped straight from manga.

And then, as designer Danilo Moreira tells us, there are “old samurai movie posters”. Teaming up with artist Gershon Oshiro off the back of the first game’s success, the aim is to create battles you could hang on your wall. That influence is taken literally in the game’s menus and art, as seen here. Oshiro’s process means Two Strikes has taken longer than anticipate­d, but an Early Access version is now available to try on PC.

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