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Retro Raccoons has been discussed in coin-op circles for a good while, but it’s only recently moved into full production, so it feels deserving of some proper attention here – not least because we’re always drawn to any arcade cabinet with built-in holders for bottles of beer (or indeed any other type of refreshmen­t you fancy slotting in there).

The throwback reference in the title relates to the visual style, which uses chunky pixels to evoke an earlier era, while the raccoons themselves are controlled by two to four players simultaneo­usly across eight rounds of minigames, selected from a line-up of 40+ at launch, with more available in the future via download.

Each player has a joystick and a single button, which suits the straightfo­rward action just fine, pitting participan­ts against each other in a variety of settings, with shooting, platformin­g, skateboard­ing, fishing and other challenges.

Developed by Glitchbit, the cabinet is from Golden Tee maker Incredible Technologi­es, which should ensure that it gets a widespread release.

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 ?? ?? Game Retro Raccoons Manufactur­er Incredible Technologi­es
Game Retro Raccoons Manufactur­er Incredible Technologi­es

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