GTA: South Pacific


Tchia will be firmly story-driven, Crifo says, with “high production value” cutscenes and voices for all characters: “I don’t like the term ‘cinematic’, but I guess it kind of defines what we want.” The main quest line, however, will take structural inspiratio­n from earlier Rockstar games, “where the missions were pretty freeform – you have an objective, but you can go about solving it any way you want to”. Making an openworld game was partly about communicat­ing the joy of exploring a place such as New Caledonia, he says. “It’s a thing about growing up there, but I think that’s true for the whole world – where you’re [playing a game] and you’re like, ‘Can you imagine if GTA took place in our town? That would be crazy’. And that’s basically what we’re making.”

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