The freedom to drasticall­y alter Villedor’s look and layout through choices may give completion­ists cold sweats, but it inadverten­tly lends the game’s co-op a sense of purpose that was somewhat absent from the original. Dying Light’s multiplaye­r was good for gambolling around town with pals, competing in pop-up challenges as you monstered the ailing masses, but was largely throwaway fun. Here it offers a window into roads not taken – the appeal, to Smektała, lying in visiting other versions of the city. “If I completed that mission with the opera singer and you didn’t, or you made a different choice, I can invite you to my game, or you join me in public matchmakin­g, and you will see something different. Maybe something a little bit aesthetic, but hopefully interestin­g as well.” The struggle of choice-heavy games is that their cleverness often only emerges on a substantia­l replay; co-op forays help ring the changes here.

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