Developer Vitei, Nintendo EAD Publisher Nintendo Format 3DS Release 2016


We wanted to make an extension of Steel Diver almost, in the same world, to build up a new world out of the two games. We tried various things rather than tanks – we tried boats and planes and stuff like that – but tanks are the most fun. You can make really cute characters pop out of the turrets. We were basically an extension of EAD at that point, so we had a couple of people from Nintendo in the office every day.

We wanted to make a [World Of Tanksstyle game]. You’re in your own squadron and you’re fighting against the enemy: battle royale with tanks. Quite early on, we found that it was really good fun playing it in the same room with a load of other people through local network play. We actually had online multiplaye­r working and we had a Switch version working at some point, but we had to take the online multiplaye­r out. That was an awful mistake, an awful decision. We really pushed back against it, but I think Nintendo baulked at the idea of having to have a server running, and they didn’t think it would be popular enough to justify the expense. I don’t think it was really about the QA time or anything like that, because we already had local multiplaye­r working and online multiplaye­r isn’t very different, it’s just slightly laggier. It was quite baffling why they took that out.

We made our own engine for the game and called it Usagi. It was basically a multiplatf­orm 3D engine. We did most of the developmen­t on PC, so the Switch port was almost free – we actually went a bit further and upped the resolution of the textures. Again, I think Nintendo couldn’t justify the costs for releasing it on the Switch. I think they just thought the Switch version just wouldn’t sell enough. It was very frustratin­g, because it looked really nice on the Switch. It was one of my favourite games, and it was also really good fun – but the lack of online multiplaye­r was a real downer.

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