Hades PS5 With loops on the agenda, it was inevitable that we would return to one of the most absorbing of recent years. Starting afresh, we gain new appreciati­on for how beautifull­y designed Supergiant’s multiaward-winner is: every time we emerge from the Pool of Styx, there is something new to discover, a fresh face to greet us, a zinger to grin at, and sometimes all three. But with the busy season upon us, can we really afford to get hooked all over again?

51 Worldwide Games Switch Nintendo’s all-in-one variety pack proves the perfect fare for a family get-together. It’s not quite a hit with the older generation (not least because of some wobbly motion controls in darts and bowling, the nearest equivalent), but that’s made up for by the sheer variety of games on offer. Just be quick with the skip button during each introducto­ry sequence – those kids’ voices are still

Lost Judgment Xbox Series Perhaps an Edge 6 for the original explains why code for RGG Studio’s sequel didn’t reach us until the embargo had passed, but we won’t hold that against it. Indeed, during the briefest of windows during deadline week we get the opportunit­y to put the game through its paces, and it looks like a tangible improvemen­t on the first. We’re especially eager to explore the nuances of Yagami’s new counteratt­ack-based Snake fighting style now we don’t have to race through it. Review coming next issue.

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