Game commentary in snack-sized mouthfuls


“The people in the space, though, tend to be involved in a lot of criminal activity… they’re just not people you are really wanting to be doing business with.”

Gabe Newell doesn’t have a problem with blockchain technology, just the terrible people it tends to attract

“Women have been harassed, bullied, marginalis­ed… Leaders who fall short of basic standards must go.”

EA COO Laura Miele doesn’t need to name names for everyone to know who she wants to see get the boot

“‘Ooh, it were all Jet Set Willy back in my day. You didn’t have Bluetooth headsets. And the games were whittled from corned beef.’”

Comedy writer Joel Morris isn’t convinced that everything was better in the old days

“A developer makes a game, a studio films a movie, Nike makes a shoe. Why does Apple demand 30 per cent from one,

15 per cent from another, 0 per cent from the third?” When you put it like that, Tim Sweeney, we feel just a little bit dirtier every time we use the Apple products we can’t seem to extricate from our lives

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