Keeping an eye on the coin-op gaming scene


From Star Wars’ yoke-styled controller to Paperboy’s lifesized handlebars, innovation in videogames often happened in terms of how we interacted with arcade machines, but it feels as though those days are long gone, with most big new cabinets centred on steering wheels and lightguns. Step forward Jumanji from Sega, a minigame-powered multiplaye­r affair with a control scheme (below) offering more than initially meets the eye.

Each player has a single button, but it’s set in the centre of a disc that can be rotated in order to control one of the four selectable characters – steering their vehicle, for example, or moving left and right to balance on a see-saw. It’s all in the name of ticket redemption, and the minigames seem on the flimsy side, but it feels like it has a bit of potential for the future if Sega decides that the concept is worth revisiting.

 ?? ?? Game Jumanji Manufactur­er Sega
Game Jumanji Manufactur­er Sega
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