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So it turns out that when Gabe Newell informed us in E369 that Valve had better uses for its time than “building a sort of gamelet” for Steam Deck, he was telling porkies. But on the strength of this return to Portal’s setting, we’re ready to forgive him. While Aperture Desk Job can be played on any PC, it’s clearly meant as an introducti­on to Valve’s new hardware, dropping you in front of an instrument panel that bears a suspicious resemblanc­e to the Deck layout, then introducin­g you to its assorted buttons and features one by one. Don’t expect another Astro’s Playroom: this is essentiall­y a half-hour interactiv­e comedy sketch. But it’s enough to remind you just how good Valve is at making singleplay­er games – and how long the wait is likely to be for the next one. That, alas, is considerab­ly harder to forgive.

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