Forspoken PC, PS5

We were about to say May was already looking barren by 2022 standards, and then Square Enix delayed its notespecia­lly-anticipate­d open-world actionadve­nture to October. What we saw of the game a few months back looked in need of a spit-shine, but its unusual blend of parkour and magic still intrigues us.

Stray PC, PS4, PS5 Annapurna, if you’re listening, see above: the next couple of months would be a good time to release E365’s cover game. Barring cat-astrophe – apologies – BlueTwelve’s feline adventure is shaping up to be one of the year’s highlights. We’d just rather play it sooner, is all.

Silt PC, PS5, Switch, Xbox Series One of the Edge brood unwittingl­y disturbs a late-night session with the Next Fest demo of this intense deep-sea explore-’em-up; suffice it to say, our heart-rate has only just returned to normal. Perhaps we should keep the lights on when the full game arrives.

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