Fast talking


Not content with making a shooter-platformer mashup, Esposito’s also mixed visual novel elements into Neon White. You can chat with your fellow Neons, uncovering their backstorie­s, and level up relationsh­ips by presenting them with gifts found in the far reaches of each level. (While most conversati­ons have a flirtatiou­s energy, this isn’t strictly a dating sim – Esposito is keen to clarify that the final reward isn’t “what you might imagine”.) It might sound like an unusual combinatio­n, but these elements are intended to solve a specific design problem, Esposito says: “Speedrunni­ng games are exhausting. They take all of your mental energy, and you can get burned out really quickly.” Taking a moment to chat provides a natural break, as well as a chance to appreciate Neon White’s stylish (and somewhat thirsty) character art.

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