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Natalee Bowen


What designers inspire you?

Ralph Lauren, Victoria Hagen, Mark D. Sikes and Bunny Williams never fail to ignite my creativity!

What else inspires you?

The Hamptons lifestyle will always be my greatest inspiratio­n. The way they live like every day is a holiday, inspires me to create luxurious resort style spaces.

What do you love about your work?

Above all, my wonderful clients! The joy of when they see their transforme­d home completed for the first time is all the reward I need!

Greatest budget buy or budget decorating tip?

Don’t be ruled by budget, buy what you love. When you buy what you love, you’ll always find a place for it.

Favourite travel destinatio­n?

The Hamptons in the USA of course! When I visited a few years back, experienci­ng the Hamptons in person gave me a new perspectiv­e and a fresh adoration of the style.

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Online store at www.indahislan­d.com Photograph­er: Cath Muscat

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