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Burning the sugar cane.


When asked to describe what she loves most about her home Sarah says “The age and heritage of our home, as well as the views overlookin­g the river across the road and out to our sugarcane fields. It’s a very special privilege to live in a home that has been in the family for 120 years, there is a real sense of warmth and love in the air. Our home was originally two or three 1870s weatherboa­rd dwellings combined into one farmhouse by my husband’s ancestors, with 1900s and 1970s additions. This has resulted in a rabbit warren layout. The exterior of our home is a work in progress, I have a lot of ideas to try and restore some of the character that was stripped back in the 1970s. Our gardens are well establishe­d with four 120-year-old camphor laurel trees, two of which stood either side of a tennis court back in the 1920s. You can barely fit in a ping pong table between them now! Our garden has an old school subtropica­l feel with many palms, bird of paradise, hibiscus and jacarandas, with views across the road to a river.” The garden is also home to the family’s many chickens, a rabbit and a duck.

Whether it’s a morning swim at Main Beach in Yamba with brekkie at the beach kiosk or an afternoon boating on the beautiful Clarence River before grabbing takeaway Thai food to enjoy at home, Sarah and her family seem to have found the pot of gold over the rainbow in their joyful home, a home that by the sounds of it will be loved for many generation­s to come. @theflaming­oandthefox

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