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Q & A with homeowner Marnie Prowse.


Favourite space in the house?

The kids room gave us the license to be the most creative. The more constraint­s the more creative you get to be. We’ve given our girls a fun and cosy bedroom, and they love to show their friends how it works.

Advice for aspiring tiny home dwellers?

Consider what is important to you and really delve into the why? Write your list of non-negotiable­s and stick to it.

Misconcept­ions about living in a tiny house?

People think you’re poor! I’ve had this direct feedback. Living in a tiny house or living simply and slowly doesn’t mean you’re any less ambitious. It does mean that you’re more focused on the things that matter.

Anything you would do differentl­y?

Room for a bigger fridge! It’s a game of tetris to fit our families weekly food delivery.

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