Caro­line Bold­er­ston ex­plains how mak­ing a few ba­sic changes to the way you work will help you get the most out of ev­ery day.


Caro­line Bold­er­ston

‘PRO­DUC­TIV­ITY’ is a bit of a buzz­word, not just in the real es­tate in­dus­try but across all sec­tors – cor­po­rate, gov­ern­ment, sports... But what does it re­ally mean? What does im­prov­ing your pro­duc­tiv­ity do for you and your busi­ness?

Pro­duc­tiv­ity is about get­ting the most from the daily, weekly and monthly ac­tiv­i­ties that are the drivers of your cur­rent and fu­ture in­come. It’s well known that, in real es­tate sales, prospecting or re­la­tion­ship­build­ing is the key driver, the core of your busi­ness.

So if your pro­duc­tiv­ity lev­els are low in this area, what steps can you take to im­prove them?


Fo­cus. Un­der­stand that what you fo­cus on is a choice. In life, what we fo­cus on ex­pands, of­ten to the ex­clu­sion of ev­ery­thing else! Choos­ing what to fo­cus on is where the magic lies. The two cri­te­ria to ap­ply to your de­ci­sion­mak­ing on fo­cus are things that mat­ter and things you can con­trol; where they over­lap, that’s where your fo­cus must be ap­plied. Not hap­haz­ard fo­cus, not some weeks on, some weeks off; but ded­i­cated, ra­zor-sharp, pin­point fo­cus and plan­ning. It’s your choice.

Time man­age­ment. Time is the great equaliser, the com­mon de­nom­i­na­tor of us all. The num­ber one thing I hear from agents is that they don’t have enough time. This is re­ally say­ing they are not man­ag­ing their time.

The abil­ity to suc­cess­fully man­age time in­cludes having strate­gies that cre­ate space for your fo­cus ac­tiv­i­ties. There are three key ar­eas to master: self­man­age­ment, en­vi­ron­ment and struc­ture.

You must draw aware­ness and un­der­stand­ing of how your emo­tions, be­liefs and core val­ues are ei­ther hold­ing you back or pro­pel­ling you for­ward. Your in­ter­nal and ex­ter­nal en­vi­ron­ment has a mas­sive im­pact on whether you pro­tect your time or give it away. The bound­aries and rules that you put in place will ei­ther sup­port or hin­der your suc­cess, and keep­ing your mind and your busi­ness or­dered and clear will en­able you to man­age more and achieve more. Mea­sur­a­bil­ity. To know whether you are im­prov­ing your pro­duc­tiv­ity, you need to mea­sure your ac­tions and ac­tiv­i­ties. The ma­jor­ity of agents still don’t know the for­mula be­hind their num­bers and the im­pact each one has. Do you know how many con­ver­sa­tions you have a day, a week, a month? How many con­ver­sa­tions you need to have be­fore you book an ap­praisal? How many mar­ket ap­praisals you do be­fore you get a list­ing op­por­tu­nity?

You must know these num­bers and mea­sure against them on a weekly ba­sis to see whether you are im­prov­ing or you need to change.

Bench­mark­ing. Track­ing your num­bers de­liv­ers re­li­able bench­marks. As you con­tinue to track your num­bers you will know, in more spe­cific de­tail, how you are go­ing on a weekly ba­sis against in­dus­try or per­sonal bench­marks.

Do you need to ded­i­cate more time to your prospecting, to your skill devel­op­ment? Have you met your bench­marks for the week? Are you blitz­ing those bench­marks, and have they now be­come your base level? In­for­ma­tion pro­vides the power to make bet­ter de­ci­sions which will im­prove your pro­duc­tiv­ity.

Ac­count­abil­ity. Once you have mas­tered fo­cus, im­proved your time man­age­ment and know your bench­marks, the fi­nal step is em­brac­ing ac­count­abil­ity. Con­sis­tency is king; it breeds growth and ex­per­tise, so be­ing ac­count­able and on track for your plan will ul­ti­mately drive your pro­duc­tiv­ity.

It can be in­cred­i­bly chal­leng­ing to do this alone, so the so­lu­tion is to find an ‘Ac­counta-bila-buddy’! This can be your prin­ci­pal, sales man­ager, col­league, coach, fam­ily mem­ber, men­tor or a tar­get within a struc­tured ac­count­abil­ity pro­gram. The win­ning in­gre­di­ent is that it is a for­mal and struc­tured ar­range­ment, so there is vis­i­bil­ity to your­self and oth­ers on your ac­tions and re­sults.

What you need is a frame­work for sup­port that keeps you mo­ti­vated, in­spired and true to the re­al­ity of your progress. This is not just a feel-good ar­range­ment, but one where you want to face your weak­nesses, recog­nise your strengths and stay in the pro­duc­tiv­ity zone.

Caro­line Bold­er­ston runs a pro­duc­tiv­ity and ac­count­abil­ity pro­gram, BOLD 90, which sup­ports agents to break through their prospecting re­sis­tance and mas­sively in­crease pro­duc­tiv­ity and re­sults. Check out be­ing­bold. and don’t miss the free eBook on Time Man­age­ment!

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