Lead Agent, Place Coor­pa­roo

Elite Agent - - TRANSFORM 2018 -

• What is the mar­ket like in your area?

The Mount Gra­vatt mar­ket has been up and down this year. There’s a lot of first-home buy­ers, who are now shop­ping in a much big­ger area than in pre­vi­ous years.

• What’s your big­gest take­away from the pro­gram?

One of my main take­aways was Mark McLeod’s les­son on the three sales, and how ed­u­cat­ing your ven­dors is a mas­sive part to get­ting them the re­sult they need.

• What is one thing you’ve quit do­ing since Trans­form?

I’ve stopped wor­ry­ing about other agents and about the out­come, in­stead con­cen­trat­ing on the process and ac­tiv­i­ties that get re­sults.

• What else was go­ing on for you dur­ing the chal­lenge; how did you fit ev­ery­thing in?

I’ve just changed agen­cies, so I had to put time aside for

Trans­form whilst fo­cus­ing on re­build­ing my busi­ness.

• What is your next goal?

My goal is re­build my data­base and pipe­line, tweak­ing my sys­tems to take my busi­ness to the next level.

• Would you do it again?

I’d do Trans­form again in a heart­beat – but next time I’ll be check­ing the daily chal­lenges first thing ev­ery morn­ing.

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