BE­FORE ITS AC­QUI­SI­TION BY US POW­ER­HOUSE DOU­GLAS ELLIMAN, Cal­i­for­nia's pres­ti­gious Te­les Prop­er­ties ex­pe­ri­enced 10x growth in just five years. Real­is­ing suc­cess leaves clues, Shar­ran Sri­vat­saa sum­marises a decade of learn­ing into 37 ac­tion­able take­aways.

Elite Agent - - CONTENTS - Shar­ran Sri­vat­saa

1 TRUE CUL­TURE is built when you can re­mind peo­ple of the past but keep them fo­cused on a big­ger and bet­ter fu­ture. 2 TRANS­FOR­MA­TIONS don't hap­pen in iso­la­tion. If you don't have a coach, men­tor or op­er­at­ing board of ad­vi­sors, you are un­der­per­form­ing. Guar­an­teed. 3 THE WAY TO CRE­ATE 10X is not by op­ti­mis­ing a process or tweak­ing a sys­tem. It is by tak­ing ideas and turn­ing them into re­al­ity. There is a great quote by Robin Sharma, “Ideation without ex­e­cu­tion is delu­sion”. 4 FO­CUS ON BUILD­ING a com­mu­nity, be­cause com­mu­nity drives achieve­ment. Pour your heart into the com­mu­nity. Peo­ple love you for who you are, not who they think you should be. 5 Don't be an a**hole. You will al­ways lose. 6 TAKE 100 PER CENT re­spon­si­bil­ity for your ac­tions. If some­one doesn't re­spond to your email or text mes­sage, that means your com­mu­ni­ca­tion wasn't com­pelling enough to de­serve a re­sponse. 7 Take va­ca­tions. I re­ally didn't take any. I paid the price in every way imag­in­able.

8 TAKE CARE of the right peo­ple. As I look back at our 10x growth, the turn­ing points were al­ways marked with great hir­ing or fir­ing de­ci­sions. 9

YOUR AR­TI­FACTS OF SUC­CESS are the in­sur­ance pol­icy to achiev­ing your goals. When you have your plans writ­ten down, your track­ing sys­tems es­tab­lished, re­port­ing di­alled in, ev­ery­thing changes be­cause you start op­er­at­ing from a pow­er­ful place where facts meet in­spi­ra­tion. When you work with me, I will al­ways go back to build­ing out our ar­ti­facts of suc­cess. 10 Wake up with a fierce in­ten­tion to crush it. The lead­ing in­di­ca­tor for your suc­cess is the com­mit­ment to your morn­ing rou­tine. 11 PONY UP. It's okay to pay for ac­cess to a men­tor­ing re­la­tion­ship; it's a sym­bol of se­ri­ous­ness. 12 “SELF-DIS­CI­PLINE is the abil­ity to make your­self do some­thing you don't nec­es­sar­ily want to do to get a re­sult you would re­ally like to have.” - Andy An­drews 13 IF YOU CAN'T DO DEEP WORK, you are bound to be out­worked. Read the book Deep Work by Cal New­port. It will change your life.

14 LUCK IS REAL and of­ten you can cre­ate it. It is also some­times just a be­lief sys­tem. 15 CEL­E­BRATE YOUR WINS. It will make you have many more. 16 GOOD PROCESS drives good re­sults. If you know me, you know this is one of my brain tat­toos. 17 FO­CUS is more im­por­tant than in­tel­li­gence – be­cause your eyes only see and your ears only hear what you are look­ing for. 18 WHAT YOU DO every day builds cul­ture. With every turn, every de­ci­sion, every op­por­tu­nity and every pivot, ask how it's go­ing to af­fect your cul­ture. Guard it with your life. It's the heart­beat of your suc­cess. 19 YOU CAN­NOT 10x any­thing without hav­ing in­sanely amaz­ing health. If i were to go back and do just one thing dif­fer­ently, it would be to pri­ori­tise my health and vi­tal­ity over ev­ery­thing else. 20 Com­mit to per­sonal growth every sin­gle day. Make it a part of your daily non­nego­tiables. It's the one sil­ver bul­let in your life that is the gate­way to cre­at­ing mas­sive suc­cess. 21 WHAT YOU SAY re­ally mat­ters. (Ugh, I can't be­lieve I said that.) Re­mem­ber: If you don't script, you don't care. 22 IF YOU DON'T HAVE men­tors, you will al­ways live a medi­ocre life. 23 IT'S OKAY to have your own hash­tag: #Te­lesDom­i­na­tion was ours! 24 IF YOU DON'T LEVER­AGE a world­wide work­force and take ad­van­tage of time and pay­roll ar­bi­trage, you will lose. 25 Fo­cus on build­ing your in­ner cir­cle. Your life will change in­stantly when you find your 1,000 true fans. 26 IT'S NOT ABOUT what you read. It's about what you do with what you read. Think about how to trans­fer ideas and skills from your read­ing and learn­ing, not just crank­ing through books and pod­casts. 27 IT'S OKAY to use the words ‘I love you' when you mean it… may it be at work or home. (Clearly HR didn't ap­prove this list.) 28 WE LIVE IN THE re­sults econ­omy. Take a mer­i­toc­racy ap­proach if you want to win. I don't care about FaceTime or of­fice hours. I don't care if you work from Barcelona or Bom­bay; it's all about re­sults. Give your team the flex­i­bil­ity and cre­ativ­ity to en­joy their work, their time off and their con­tri­bu­tions. 29 YOUR PER­SONAL sta­bil­ity is the foun­da­tion for 10x growth. When you have your fam­ily, friends and in­ner cir­cle sup­port­ing your ob­ses­sion, it be­comes ex­po­nen­tially eas­ier to fo­cus and thrive. 30 I LEARNED THAT the num­ber one prob­lem that plagues high achiev­ers is ‘Big Goal/No Plan'. If you want to cre­ate last­ing trans­for­ma­tions for peo­ple, help them to align their big goals with an in­spir­ing and thought­ful plan. 31 WHAT IS RISKY TO some­one else need not be risky to you. Just do the work. The only time you are un­der­pre­pared is when you are not over-pre­pared. 32 WHEN YOU FIND great part­ners, you will find great joy that tran­scends ev­ery­thing. 33

ISSY SHARP, the founder of Four Sea­sons, once told me, “The an­swer is al­ways yes. Now what is the ques­tion?” 34

GREAT­NESS IS in the gran­u­lar­ity. I knew every sin­gle thing about how every sin­gle thing worked at Te­les. It some­times both­ered peo­ple, not be­cause I was in their busi­ness but be­cause I knew how ev­ery­thing worked and it was just hard to BS me. That gave our key stake­hold­ers con­fi­dence be­cause I was al­ways able to help find so­lu­tions to prob­lems. If you think about it, this is one of the rea­sons why many peo­ple bounce from coach to con­sul­tant; it's hard to find some­one who can think both top-down and bot­tom-up si­mul­ta­ne­ously. Very few peo­ple out there have done the work in the trenches. Very few peo­ple know how to take an idea and make it a re­al­ity. I keep my coaches and men­tors on their toes be­cause that's what I need to keep my edge… and they se­cretly love it. Com­mit to know­ing how ev­ery­thing fits to­gether; no­body ex­pects you to do ev­ery­thing be­cause (news flash) you can't. How­ever, when you take re­spon­si­bil­ity for ev­ery­thing, you will re­alise that great­ness is in the gran­u­lar­ity. 35

“YOU CAN­NOT DO epic sh*t with B play­ers. Up­grade the bench.” -Peter Loewy 36 WHEN IN DOUBT, go work out. Clear your head and re­fo­cus. 37 It is im­pos­si­ble to 10x just one part of your life. Every do­main in your life has to level up to sup­port the 10x charge. Once you com­mit to 10x in one part of your life, start to look for its daisy­chain ef­fect in other parts of your life.

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