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QWhat tips or strate­gies can I use to get ven­dors to un­der­stand where to set the price guide? Wil­liam Savopou­los, Cob­den Hayson Mar­rickville

AIn a chang­ing mar­ket, you have the op­por­tu­nity to re­view all the cur­rent struc­tures and sys­tems in your busi­ness, es­pe­cially en­ter­ing a new year. The high-per­form­ing agents are tight­en­ing their struc­tures and pro­cesses even more. One process they are in­tro­duc­ing is a price guide strat­egy meet­ing with ven­dors just be­fore the ac­tual launch of their prop­erty.

Here are the steps you should fol­low at this meet­ing: 1 Go through the cur­rent list­ings on the mar­ket with sim­i­lar fea­tures and ben­e­fits to their prop­erty on your com­puter or of­fice TV. 2 Re­view any re­cent sales in the last 14 days af­ter list­ing sign-up. 3 Use a case study of an­other agent's prop­erty in your mar­ket­place that sold well below the ini­tial price guide, ei­ther by auc­tion or pri­vate treaty. Show how an in­ef­fec­tive price guide can cost the clients thou­sands of dol­lars, if not hun­dreds of thou­sands. Ex­plain to them that if you get the price guide wrong you're in a down­ward spi­ral chas­ing price. 4 Ex­plain to Mr and Mrs Seller the five rules of buyer psy­chol­ogy and be­hav­iour in the mar­ket­place to­day. 5 Demon­strate where you be­lieve the price guide should be set based on the above. Show one of your case stud­ies with an ex­cep­tional re­sult where the price guide was at the sweet spot.

You are in one of two mar­kets: ‘chas­ing' or ‘lead­ing'. In the cur­rent cli­mate, you want to be lead­ing the mar­ket.

QThis year has been very chal­leng­ing – what can I do to re­set for 2019? Jonathan War­ren, In­de­pen­dent Prop­erty Group Can­berra

AThe new year al­lows you the chance to do three key things in your busi­ness which I call the 3R Prin­ci­ple. Re­flect Take the time to re­view ev­ery part of your busi­ness by un­der­stand­ing where your re­sults came from in 2018. By re­view­ing this you will be­gin to iden­tify the op­por­tu­ni­ties for 2019. Then do a SWOT anal­y­sis (Strengths, Weak­nesses, Op­por­tu­ni­ties and Threats) to learn more about your busi­ness. What ma­jor lessons did you learn in 2018? The an­swers will help you map out a plan for 2019. Recharge Some­times real es­tate feels like it takes and takes, so use the next few weeks to recharge the bat­ter­ies for 2019. Get en­er­gised to take on the new year ahead by plan­ning three mini-breaks in your di­ary. This will help you move to a com­pletely new level and be more en­gaged in your work and clients. Re­fo­cus Do you have a plan to avoid last year's mis­takes? What are the short and longterm goals for your busi­ness in 2019? Make this the year where you fo­cus on the right ar­eas rather than ar­eas that drain and di­lute your at­ten­tion and en­ergy. Plan 2019 com­pletely by de­sign with ideas, ac­tions, out­comes and re­sults. Here are some tips to get you re­fo­cused to­day: Or­gan­ise Get on the phone and set up ap­point­ments as quickly as pos­si­ble for next year so you can keep mo­men­tum in your busi­ness. Pri­ori­tise a list of po­ten­tial peo­ple you can con­tact. Change Take a look at the sys­tems and pro­cesses cur­rently in your busi­ness. Are they the right ones? Do any need up­dat­ing? Are they help­ing you close busi­ness? Make this year the year you change things that aren't work­ing! Plan Have a plan for ev­ery part of your busi­ness, from writ­ing your 2019 Busi­ness Plan goals to break­ing down how you're go­ing to gen­er­ate leads in your core mar­ket. This is not the year to ‘wing it' but have a care­fully drafted plan to be in com­plete con­trol. Learn What skills would make you a bet­ter sales­per­son this year? The be­gin­ning of the year is a great time to eval­u­ate your skill set and fig­ure out how you can im­prove in the next 12 months. Skills played a large part in agents suc­ceed­ing in 2018 vs. agents who failed.

Es­tab­lish your goals and de­velop a sys­tem of ac­count­abil­ity that will keep you on track in 2019. By learn­ing from what you know and map­ping your year ahead you can en­sure you suc­ceed at the high­est level and have your best year ever in real es­tate!

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