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Though still a topic of de­bate, there’s no deny­ing cannabis is hav­ing a mo­ment – and CBD (aka cannabid­iol, a chem­i­cal com­pound ex­tracted from cannabis plants) is the lat­est in­car­na­tion to pop up in beauty fo­rums and fridge doors of those in the know (it prefers a cool cli­mate). While typ­i­cally used to treat chronic pain, symp­toms as­so­ci­ated with can­cer treat­ment and con­di­tions such as epilepsy and mul­ti­ple scle­ro­sis, tak­ing CBD can have other feel-good ben­e­fits, too.

Re­search has shown CBD can re­duce anx­i­ety due to its abil­ity to ac­ti­vate cer­tain sero­tonin re­cep­tors (the chem­i­cal that helps reg­u­late mood, sleep and ap­petite), and is a pow­er­ful anti-in­flam­ma­tory, which means in ad­di­tion to nix­ing stress be­fore it can set in, it has the po­ten­tial to undo its dam­ag­ing ef­fects. “CBD is a po­tent an­tiox­i­dant and peo­ple are slowly wak­ing up to the fact that it has so many ben­e­fi­cial prop­er­ties and noth­ing to do with be­ing la­belled a ‘stoner’,” says Claire Spack­man from En­doca, pro­duc­ers of or­ganic CBD hemp oil.

The most pop­u­lar way to take CBD is orally: a few drops of the oil un­der the tongue, held for a minute, will en­sure ef­fec­tive ab­sorp­tion. But if you’re sen­si­tive to the (ad­mit­tedly strong) taste, there are also cap­sules, sup­pos­i­to­ries, candy ed­i­bles and crys­tals, which can be vaped, dabbed or melted with but­ter and used in bak­ing (should you fancy your­self more Martha Ste­wart than Snoop Dogg). The an­tiox­i­dants make it great in your beauty bag, too – CBD lo­tions can calm skin and pro­tect against free rad­i­cals.

In­trigued? It’ll take more than a Google search to get your hands on CBD (like a jaunt to a more mar­i­juana-friendly lo­cale). As of last year, it’s been cat­e­gorised as a medic­i­nal cannabis prod­uct in Aus­tralia, and as such re­quires a pre­scrip­tion.

Un­like mar­i­juana, CBD prod­ucts con­tain at most a mi­cro­scopic amount of THC, which is what gets you “high” – but ad­e­quate care should still be taken. “Ev­ery sin­gle body is dif­fer­ent,” warns Spack­man. So start small and in­crease your dosage grad­u­ally, un­til you reach the de­sired re­sult.

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