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YOU ARE ABOUT TO EN­TER the most daz­zling year for ca­reer op­por­tu­nity and ad­vance­ment you have seen in more than a decade, thanks to the rare visit of Jupiter, the good for­tune planet, set­ting up shop in your tenth house of hon­ours, awards and achieve­ment. If you con­tinue to work hard and smart, Jupiter will help you put your name in lights on the big mar­quee. Many peo­ple will buzz your name for all the right rea­sons — you have earned the lofty role you are about to as­sume.


In the com­ing year, you will have un­canny tim­ing, in the right place at the right time to take ad­van­tage of sparkling op­por­tu­ni­ties that Jupiter will send you. You will be of­fered an ar­ray of choices, so have your pro­fes­sional pri­or­i­ties in or­der so you can make wise de­ci­sions when they arise.

You might be tempted to ac­cept them all, but to do that will stretch you too thin, and not al­low you the time or en­ergy to cre­ate the stun­ning re­sults you will want to achieve. When con­sid­er­ing the of­fers, choose one or two that have the great­est long-term po­ten­tial and that will al­low you to be truly happy and utilise your tal­ents well.

VIPS will also seek you out and want to give you more re­spon­si­bil­ity and power. Of course, to those who are given much, much will be ex­pected. Still, in­stead of feel­ing pres­sured, you will find you are well pre­pared to as­sume your new role.


Your fi­nan­cial sit­u­a­tion is due for a happy up­turn. Take spe­cial note of Jan­uary 22, when Venus will align with Jupiter and Mars will also be in the ideal po­si­tion to sup­port some­thing ex­cel­lent bub­bling up fi­nan­cially. You may re­ceive a large bonus, com­mis­sion or valu­able gift. Re­mark­ably, this as­pect will be re­peated on Novem­ber 24, 2019. This time Uranus, rather than Mars, will bring gifts, straight from its perch in your third house of com­mu­ni­ca­tion. It looks like a lu­cra­tive, pres­ti­gious as­sign­ment will come to you as a won­der­ful sur­prise. At the same time, Nep­tune will be in­volved with Saturn, in­di­cat­ing an artis­tic idea you come up with could have stay­ing power.

Your re­cent fi­nan­cial past may have given you more than a few sleep­less nights. While you may have earned more money than you ever imag­ined pos­si­ble, you also likely ex­pe­ri­enced some mon­strous fi­nan­cial ex­penses. Luck­ily, your fi­nances are about to calm down and to gen­er­ate a more pre­dictable, yet gen­er­ous, flow.


Pisces is con­sid­ered one of the most imag­i­na­tive of all signs. Your sub­con­scious is al­ways ac­tive and you’re known to take in in­for­ma­tion about the world through the vis­ual right brain, the part of the brain that deals with sym­bols and ges­tures, mu­sic and the arts.

Don’t be con­cerned that 2019 will be all work and no play. You will have enor­mous em­pha­sis on ro­mance and friend­ship, thanks to the com­ing four eclipses. New eclipses in Can­cer and Capri­corn will ping their en­ergy 180 de­grees back and forth across the sky, en­liven­ing your love life and your so­cial cir­cle.


If you are sin­gle, a new moon so­lar lu­nar eclipse in Can­cer on July 2 could bring a new ro­man­tic in­ter­est. This eclipse will em­pha­sise your love life and, if you’re at­tached, your ar­range­ments for your chil­dren or pos­si­bil­i­ties for a preg­nancy.

A full moon lu­nar eclipse in Capri­corn will ar­rive on July 16, and bring your at­ten­tion back a friend or to a group that you be­long to now.

In some of the eclipses, Saturn will take a prom­i­nent role, sug­gest­ing one of sev­eral pos­si­bil­i­ties. Saturn teaches us to be­come ma­ture and en­light­ened, and as the Jan­uary 5 and July 16 eclipses em­pha­sise friends, you may be asked to help some­one close to you who is go­ing through a dif­fi­cult time. As part of your per­sonal growth, you will want to be at her side.

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