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I’m do­ing a mi­nor Dr Don­ley (Com­ment, is­sue 208) but less im­pres­sive – only a four is­sue catch-up, so my com­ments are a bit be­hind. Firstly, when did “Star Trek or

Star Wars?” be­come a choice? I don’t un­der­stand the ques­tion. Data and Obi-wan have lived to­gether hap­pily on my daugh­ter’s book­shelf for many years. Se­condly, we did the “spoiler” thing a few years ago and as I said at the time in my let­ter, it’s not a thing at all and I’m will­ing to take it to this ex­treme: I en­joyed The Sixth Sense, so when I saw the DVD in the cheap bin at a store I thought “Oh yeah, I en­joyed that” and bought it. But, de­spite hav­ing watched most of the DVDS in the cup­board more times than is healthy, and lov­ing Bruce, The Sixth Sense DVD re­mains cov­ered in plas­tic. Can a truly good film be ru­ined by know­ing any­thing or even ev­ery­thing about it? Given it is im­pos­si­ble to watch the same film from both po­si­tions, it can only ever be an opin­ion and mine is based on the ev­i­dence of the plas­tic on the DVD, and that de­spite hav­ing watched T2 many times, my heart still races ev­ery time Sarah runs away from one ter­mi­na­tor into the arms of an­other and, spoiler alert, she doesn’t die! She hasn’t ev­ery time I’ve watched it!


So waidamin­nit – You haven’t watched The Sixth Sense again be­cause you know the end­ing, but watch T2 even though you know the end­ing? We get it! But, also, don’t get it. Still: Data and Obi-wan are cute to­gether.

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