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Writer Todd Berger, the man re­spon­si­ble for this year’s stick­i­est se­quence, makes the case for Silly String spunk

“The orig­i­nal draft from 2002 was a re­ally straight­for­ward crime thriller — Heat with pup­pets. We spent years de­vel­op­ing it into a com­edy with director Brian Hen­son, and part of that process was think­ing, ‘What’s a pup­pet sex scene like?’ My thought was al­ways, ‘This isn’t a crazy sex scene for th­ese pup­pets — this is how all pup­pets have sex, they just can’t con­trol them­selves.’ We wanted it to feel in­stinc­tual.”

“The day of the sex scene, I showed up at 10am and they’d built a spe­cial high-speed hy­draulic rig to put the pup­pets on. I got to see the sex rig, and when they turned it on it was kind of ter­ri­fy­ing, it moved so fast. I had to leave be­fore the Silly String, which may be one of the big­gest re­grets of my life. But I got to see how they were go­ing to do it — a pup­peteer holding a can and shoot­ing it around.”

“I saw Dead­pool 2 in Pasadena in the su­per-fancy ipic the­atre, and The Hap­py­time Mur­ders trailer played. The cin­ema was filled with older people who weren’t ex­pect­ing it, and when it showed the sex scene this woman in her six­ties next to me goes, ‘Oh my good­ness! What is this?!’ She couldn’t be­lieve it. I was like, you came to see Dead­pool 2, I don’t know why you’re so shocked. Then I saw it with reg­u­lar au­di­ences and people were howl­ing laugh­ing. I love know­ing that people’s views on Silly String will be al­tered for­ever.”

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