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In the words of the old Warner Broth­ers car­toons’ pint-sized gang­ster Rocky, “I dunno how yaz dun­nit, but I know yaz dun­nit!” You read my mind. How you man­aged to put ar­ti­cles on so many of my favourite sub­jects into a sin­gle is­sue de­fies mod­ern, or even an­cient sci­ence. Tarantino. Avengers: Endgame. Spidey. Peter Jack­son. Dark Phoenix. The Blair Witch Project. Tolkien. Scors­ese. Amer­i­can Were­wolf. Can... can you ac­tu­ally see me right now? Wait, how many fin­gers am I hold­ing up? Whoah. Damn you’re good. You can bet a six-pack of choc tops I’ll be re­new­ing my sub­scrip­tion. But then, you al­ready knew that, didn’t you?


You bet we did. We even know that you’re reading a copy of Em­pire AT THIS PRE­CISE MO­MENT.

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