What is fund­ing the en­vi­ron­men­tal baloney?

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THANK you Bron­wyn - at least one per­son read my let­ter.

I find your propo­si­tion that I not re­quire ev­i­dence in the ques­tion of the Strath­bo­gie For­est fas­ci­nat­ing.

I grew up in a very con­ser­va­tive fun­da­men­tal­ist church.

At some point I had to de­cide between one of two choices; throw the lot out or re­search what was baloney, and what was real.

So as a re­sult, I still have a Chris­tian faith (from) af­ter do­ing the re­search.

For me it’s the same is­sue with the Strath­bo­gie For­est as to what is baloney and what is true.

What is true must be es­tab­lished by ev­i­dence.

On Fe­bru­ary 14 in 2014 I at­tended an anti-log­ging meet­ing at Strath­bo­gie.

To­gether with a ‘rent-a-crowd’, I lis­tened to over two hours to com­plete baloney con­clud­ing with some evan­ge­list-like speaker try­ing to de­monise Vic For­est.

If the anti-log­ging group be­lieves their cause is just, why the need to de­monise peo­ple and just not give ob­jec­tive facts? How is truth told, Bron­wyn? It is told with proper ev­i­dence, not rent a crowd.

I am be­ing told that the Greater Glider is in greater num­bers than in any other for­est.

Yet in four years, not a sin­gle fig­ure has been pro­duced.

The anti-log­ging doc­u­ment states that the for­est has been heav­ily logged over the last three decades, yet strangely the Greater Glid­ers are do­ing well.

The fact is that in the last 30 years one coup has been logged.

The anti log­gers then latched on to this coup as an ex­am­ple of the fail­ure of clear felling but won’t ad­mit that the coup re­gen­er­a­tion is do­ing well.

This group also won’t ad­mit that two more coups have been suc­cess­fully se­lec­tively logged.

The same ob­jec­tion ap­plies to the Strath­bo­gie Shire sub­mis­sion in that it con­tains no ev­i­dence.

While Coun­cil­lor Thom­son con­cedes that it was writ­ten with the col­lu­sion of oth­ers. Might that be the anti log­ging group? While the let­ter of con­grat­u­la­tions is writ­ten by whom? The anti log­gers. I would sub­mit that the Shire of Strath­bo­gie of­fi­cer knows noth­ing about for­est man­age­ment, log­ging or species preser­va­tion nor has con­sulted any source other than the anti log­gers.

The re­port con­tained no bib­li­og­ra­phy, to­tally un­pro­fes­sional.

I be­lieve that the An­drews Gov­ern­ment has shelved a re­search pa­per pro­duced by the Ry­lah In­sti­tute.

What it says no­body knows, but this is just the usual game.

Let’s be hon­est - the whole State Gov­ern­ment green cre­den­tials is not about sav­ing the Greater Glider but sav­ing three in­ner sub­ur­ban seats threat­ened by the Greens.

For me Bron­wyn I am very sus­pi­cious of the whole process go­ing on within the en­vi­ron­men­tal in­dus­try which seems to be a good milk­ing cow for en­vi­ron­men­tal ide­ologs.

Back to the­ol­ogy, Bron­wyn, I am an evo­lu­tion­ist.

How­ever, the 19th cen­tury im­pe­ri­al­ists, in ca­hoots with the the­olo­gians, in­cor­rectly in­ter­preted the Ge­n­e­sis hymn of cre­ation, giv­ing carte blanche to de­struc­tion of the en­vi­ron­ment un­der the um­brella of lais­sez fair.

It will be a mas­sive task to re­pair the planet.

Our planet is very pre­cious and finely tuned, but we aren’t go­ing to achieve any­thing with the baloney that is go­ing on.

My big­gest ob­jec­tion is that my taxes and rates are be­ing used for this en­vi­ron­men­tal baloney.

To that end I have sub­mit­ted a Free­dom of In­for­ma­tion ap­pli­ca­tion to at­tempt to as­cer­tain that proper pro­cesses are be­ing fol­lowed. Mark Black­well, Strath­bo­gie

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