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One-on-one mentoring through the avenue of sport helping connect youth


THINGS may be a little quiet at Euroa’s My Future Academy, but James Ivill from the local charity said that it was important that young people continued their fitness and recreation to eliminate mental health stigmas.

“At the start of this year we had a program partnering with the Shire called Bit Fit, Bit of Fun and it was all about promoting the youth hub in Nagambie,” Mr Ivill said.

“It was all about giving support through physical activity, but it all fell short once this pandemic kicked off.”

Mr Ivill said that the academy had picked up some clients for one-on-one mentoring through sport, ranging from basketball to cricket around town.

“We just take it as it comes, kicking the footy at the oval, basketball at the Lions Park or even hiking up Balmattum Hill,” Mr Ivill said.

“We really want to utilise all the spaces around town that we have, which are prominent, but of course we are looking to do it all in a safe way too at this time.”

An amount of $11,000 raised at a charity golf event last year is still “awaiting to be used” as well which Mr Ivill hopes will be put to good use once restrictio­ns are eased.

In the meantime he advocates for everyone to utilise take benefit of exercise being one of the four reasons someone can go outdoors under the COVID-19 lockdown.

“It’s super important for young people’s wellbeing to try and be physically fit and be involved in a physical activity - there’s no reason why people should not experience the outdoors, even if it’s for walking,” Mr Ivill said.

Even though the Strathbogi­e region has had no cases, Mr Ivill said it showed the resolve of the region that people are willing to comply with the restrictio­ns, and is looking forward to doing good work with My Future Academy once restrictio­ns are lifted fully.

“I think we are doing a really good job, and its super tough particular­ly as there are no cases which makes it somewhat more challengin­g to do the right thing,” Mr Ivill said.

“But you hear the stories of people doing the right thing and hats off to everyone in the Shire for playing their part.”

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